“But Lord, “Gideon asked, “how can I save Israel? My clan is the WEAKEST in Manasseh, and I am the LEAST in my family.” JUDGES 6:15

The nation of Israel was being abused and God chose Gideon, a farmer, to lead the charge to defeat their enemy. Gideon’s response is much like ours at times, “Who me? Who am I?” Gideon recognizes that his clan is the WEAKEST and he is the LEAST in his family. He wonders why God would choose him, an inexperienced soldier to lead an army to defeat their adversary.

Many times we have the same response as Gideon. We feel OVERWHELMED by the CALL or ASSIGNMENT that God has given us. We think to ourselves, “Who am I? I can’t do this! God has made His FIRST MISTAKE in ‘all of time‘ in choosing me!” We feel unqualified, ill equipped, and unable to do the GOD SIZE task that He’s laid before us.

We’re forgetting one thing; we have a PARTNERSHIP with God. We’re NOT CALLED to do “HIS” assignment ALONE. His intent is always to be doing it with us; therefore taking what seems to be IMPOSSIBLE and making it VERY POSSIBLE.

When I was in the 6th grade my dad wanted to take the engine out of an old Dodge Dart that was forever parked in front of our house. He told me, “Come with me, I have a job for you. You’re going to take this engine out of the car.” I thought to myself, “My dad is insane! Who am I to take an engine out of a car? I’m only 12 years old and know nothing about working on cars.”

To my surprise, the assignment was NOT DESIGNED for me to do it on my own but for him to do it with me. He began to tell me STEP-BY-STEP what wires to unplug, what bolts to take out and what hoses to remove.

I came to find out that it wasn’t that difficult with my dad’s help. All I had to do was obey and follow his lead.

What SEEMED impossible and beyond me was REMARKABLY DOABLE because my father’s presence was there leading me each step of the way.

It’s that way with God and us. He will give us an assignment that is PURPOSEFULLY beyond us. We may feel overwhelmed like Gideon. We may feel unqualified and ill equipped but we must remember that the assignment is designed with PARTNERSHIP in mind.

God set’s the stage for whatever will bring Him the most glory. He delights in doing BIG things with that which is SMALL and seemingly insignificant.

When we focus on our weakness we’re forgetting about God’s strength!

The task ahead is DIVINELY DESIGNED to be BIGGER than us. We just need to ACCEPT this fact and step out and embrace the PARTNERSHIP in which God has called us to.

And, when we do, we get the privilege of experiencing being used by an ALL-POWERFUL GOD!

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